Permission delegation

It is possible to grant some platform-wide permissions to certain users. To do so, you need to create some user groups, then grant permissions to these user groups.

Creation of a new delegation

There are various permissions to be granted. However, think wisely about the people to be granted these rights. With a great power come great responsibilities!

Permission What it grants
Global Mediawiki Administrator Grants Mediawiki administration rights in every projects
Global Tracker Administrator Grants Tracker administration rights in every projects
Platform administration Grants site administrator rights. Users of this delegation will have an “Administration” tab in the navigation bar.
REST projects management Grants the right to create / suspend / activate projects through the REST API
Retrieve User Membership Information Grants the right to know which group any user belongs to.
See information about system events through the REST API. Grants the right to query GET /system_events on the REST API
User Management Grants the right to manage users: change the status, the username, etc,.. through the REST API


A security prevents you to remove the user group containing the last Platform administration permission or you might be unable to access the platform administration anymore.