Subversion core repositories migration

Starting Tuleap 10, a CLI tool is available to migrate a SVN core repository into SVN multi-repository plugin within the same project. To do this migration, you have to run the following command as root on your Tuleap server:

/usr/share/codendi/src/utils/ \
/usr/share/tuleap/plugins/svn/bin/migrate_to_plugin.php PROJECT_ID REPOSITORY_NAME USER_NAME

In this command:

  1. PROJECT_ID is the project where we want to migrate a SVN core repository to the SVN multi-repository plugin.
  2. REPOSITORY_NAME is the name the SVN repository will have in the SVN multi-repository plugin.
  3. USER_NAME is the user used to do the migration.

A repository migrated will keep:

  • SVN content history
  • SVN accessfile history
  • Commit rules
  • Immutable tags
  • Notifications