Email relay

Starting Tuleap 13.12, the email sent can be configured with two options:

  • Using the self hosted email configuration (sendmail)

  • Using an SMTP relay (smtp)

The self hosted email configuration (sendmail) is the one used by default and is the configration already used by Tuleap. You can find the local postfix configuration here.

You can also setup Tuleap to use an external SMTP (smtp) server. To do this, you have to configure two system variables:

  • email_transport

  • email_relayhost

email_transport must be set to smtp, and email_relayhost must contains the URL of the relay and the port separated by :.


When configured to use an SMTP server, some features will not work anymore. These features are:

Some notifications from legacy services will still use the self hosted Tuleap email to work:

  • PHPWiki notifications

  • CVS notifications

  • SVN core notifications