Redis in dev environment

Start Redis

$> docker-compose up -d redis

Configure Tuleap instance to target Redis

$> make bash-web
$tuleap> cat /etc/tuleap/conf/

$redis_server = 'redis';
$redis_port = 6379;
$redis_password = '';

Edit the /etc/tuleap/conf/ to have a number of backend worker greater than 0 (for example: $sys_nb_backend_workers = 1;). Then restart tuleap deamon: service tuleap restart.

Ensure SVN conf includes redis

The file /etc/httpd/conf.d/tuleap-svnroot.conf should contain references to Redis server:

<Location /svnplugin/acme/repo>
    TuleapCacheCredsMax 10
    TuleapCacheLifetime 6
    TuleapRedisServer "redis:6379"

If this is not the case, then go to siteadmin » Manage SVN, and update configuration. A system event will rewrite the file.

Inspect content on Redis server

$> docker-compose exec redis redis-cli> keys *