Bump dependencies

At the beginning of each sprint, feature team has responsibility to update dependencies of plugin they are working on.

Some plugins has lot of legacy and some bumps will be painful, the main aim of it is to work with a best effort cost:

  • we try to apply bump

  • if it fails we will pursue the bump only if it’s easy, if not the bump must be discussed with the rest of team, and eventually added in backlog to plan it

How to detect outdated dependencies in a plugin?

You can run pnpm outdated inside the plugin, you will have a list of dependencies to bump. Example:

$ pnpm outdated
Package                  Current  Wanted  Latest  Location
@juggle/resize-observer    3.3.0   3.3.1   3.3.1  @tuleap/plugin-roadmap

When we bump a dependency, we bump it everywhere in tuleap. For instance the @juggle/resize-observer is used in roadmap plugin but it is also used in src and list-picker. The bump should concern the three package.json

How to do the bump

To be sure to bump the dependency everywhere it’s used in tuleap, you can run the following commands at the source of code:

pnpm --recursive update @juggle/resize-observer

How to detect outdated dependencies in all plugins?

If you want to check the dependencies status of the whole platform you can run the following command:

pnpm --recursive outdated