Gerrit for Tuleap development

This section covers how to setup a local gerrit next to your Tuleap development platform in order to develop or debug.

This guide might lag a bit behind the current developpement. You can find an up to date readme in the sources.

Create a gerrit admin account

On Tuleap:

Setup gerrit admin account

you@workstation $> make start-gerrit
  • Go on gerrit web interface http://tuleap-gerrit.gerrit-tuleap.docker:8080

  • Sign-in with gerrit-admin

  • Generate an HTTP password (Settings > HTTP password)


Be careful, generate a password with only with alphanum [A-z0-9]+

Setup gerrit

you@workstation $> docker exec -ti tuleap-web bash
root@tuleap-web $> su - codendiadm
codendiadm@tuleap-web $> cd /usr/share/tuleap/tools/utils/gerrit_setup
codendiadm@tuleap-web $> ./ --password=<generated password in gerrit interface> --useremail=<>
# password is the HTTP password you generated on gerrit
# you might need to install php-guzzle: yum -y install php-guzzle

Create gerrit reference on Tuleap

Go on Tuleap as site admin: Admin > Git > Gerrit

And create a new server with the SSH key you get with:

  • Host: tuleap-gerrit.gerrit-tuleap.docker

  • HTTP port: 8080

  • ssh port: 29418

  • login: gerrit-admin

  • Identity file: /home/codendiadm/.ssh/id_rsa-gerrit

  • Replication ssh key you@workstation $> docker run -ti –rm –volumes-from tuleap_gerrit_data busybox cat /home/gerrit/.ssh/

  • Use ssl: no

  • Version: 2.8+

  • HTTP password: the one generated in interface at step 2

Initialize replication

you@workstation $> make start-gerrit


In your gerrit container :


Be careful, a repository that does not grant replication ugroup as reader for refs/* will not be able to replicate.