This section is only relevant to Tuleap integrators that are responsible to review and merge contributions into master.

Environment setup

You need to be ale to sign the commits/tags/merges in stable repository. For this you need to generate a gpg key (gpg --gen-key) and indicates to git which key to use:

$ git config --global user.signingkey <gpg-key-id>

Integration of contributions

  • Make sure that the contribution is ready to merge: +2 from integrators and +2 from integration continue

  • Make sure that the commit message of the contribution is referencing a public reference (request or story artifact). If not: -1.

  • Re-sync your branch with latest master updates

    $ git fetch stable && git checkout stable/master
  • Merge the patch from gerrit (see the “download” section in gerrit) it should be something of the sort:

    $ git fetch ssh:// refs/changes/52/52/8 && \
      git merge --no-ff --no-commit --log FETCH_HEAD

    Note: It is the responsibility of the contributor to resolve conflicts. Integrators should ask to the contributor to rebase her changes in case of conflicts.

  • Edit VERSION number:

    $ tools/utils/version_numbers/

    Important: Do not git add the updated version file.

  • Commit (signed) only the merge (do not touch the commit message).

    $  git commit -v -S
  • Commit (signed) the new version files

    $ git commit -av -S -m "This is Tuleap $(cat VERSION)"
  • Push your merge to stable:

    $ git push stable HEAD:master
  • Update Gerrit master:

    $ git push username@gerrit:tuleap stable/master:refs/heads/master
    # OR, if you have gerrit as a remote
    $ git push gerrit HEAD:master
  • Update the corresponding artifact(s) with the following information:

    • Follow-up comment message: gerrit #2548 integrated into Tuleap (adjust 2548 and to your situation)

    • If the contribution closes the artifact (mentionned in the commit message or to be checked with the contributor), then you can close it:

      • Set the status to Closed

      • Add artifact link to current release artifact id with nature Fixed in