Internationalization (i18n)

I18n in Tuleap should always be done with Gettext.

To extract translated strings and add them to the .po files for translation, you should always run the following command:

$ make generate-po

This will parse all Tuleap code (core and plugin). If you want to limit the work to a plugin (to speed up the extraction):

$ PLUGIN=git make generate-po

Then .po files can be edited with the editor of your choice. We mostly use Poedit which helps to remove obsolete translations and add checks (like translation that should end with same punctuation mark than source string for example).

Contributed files should not contain:

  • fuzzy strings

  • obsolete strings

Supported languages

The list of currently available languages can be seen here: Languages


Contribution should respect .po files structure. Each component in Tuleap has its very own .po files and should be contributed as is. Merging of .po files for contribution is not supported.

Adding a new language

Your language is not in the list? Contributions are most welcome!

In short, the process is the following (example for Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR):

  1. If it is not already done, Clone Tuleap Sources

  2. Create folder for your locale:

    mkdir -p site-content/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/
  3. Define how the language should appear in the user preferences selection:

    echo -e "system\tlocale_label\tPortuguês brasileiro" > /etc/tuleap/site-content/pt_BR/
    # if you have a running environment you will need to clear the cache in the container
    # with `tuleap --clear-cache` to take into account the new entry
  4. Translate

    1. Copy a .pot template into your language. A good start is Tuleap core.

      make generate-po # This is needed to create up to date .pot templates
      cp site-content/tuleap-core.pot site-content/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/
    2. Edit the new file (don’t forget about .po headers)

    3. Repeat

  5. Push your code


Please contact us beforehand to make sure that there isn’t already an ongoing contribution in the same language by someone else.


We plan to use an external system like Crowdin or Weblate to ease translation contributions, but no progress has been made on this subject. Stay tuned!

Development specificities

Depending on where you are in Tuleap code, you should follow recommendations to translate your strings: