Create a group in LDAP

This examples illustrates how to create a group “developers” in the LDAP.

In your tuleap-web container, create a file developers.ldif with the following content:

dn: cn=developers,ou=groups,dc=tuleap,dc=local
objectClass: groupOfNames
cn: developers
member: uid=pat_le_chef
member: uid=vaceletm

Then execute the following command:

ldapadd -h ldap -D 'cn=Manager,dc=tuleap,dc=local' -W -f developers.ldif

The password can be found in the .env file in your sources (where you run make start):



You can set-up a local ldap with a UI managment front in a few steps.

Example config.php:

$config->custom->appearance['friendly_attrs'] = array(
    'facsimileTelephoneNumber' => 'Fax',
    'gid'                      => 'Group',
    'mail'                     => 'Email',
    'telephoneNumber'          => 'Telephone',
    'uid'                      => 'User Name',
    'userPassword'             => 'Password'


 * Define your LDAP servers in this section  *

$servers = new Datastore();

$servers->setValue('server','name','My LDAP Server');

Using your local LDAP with a local gerrit

Use this config in etc/gerrit.conf:

    type = LDAP
    server = ldap://localhost
    accountBase = ou=people,dc=tuleap,dc=local
    groupBase = ou=groups,dc=tuleap,dc=local
    accountFullName = cn
    sslVerify = false