Site news

Site News Approval

All news published by each project (using the News service) is normally only visible on the related Project Summary page. The Tuleap Administration team has the ability to review all pieces of news published over the last 7 days by the various projects and make the decision to promote any piece of news so that it appears on the Tuleap front page. If you decide a news is worth a big splash on the front page then select “Approve for front page”, make modifications in the news title or content to make it more explicit and validate. If not interesting then you can delete the news front the approval queue (it is not deleted from the project news database of course!)

Rules to follow to determine whether a piece of news is worth publishing on the front page:

  • All news dealing with new software releases and other significant events in the life of the projects (new members,…) should be promoted on the front page

  • The same applies for news announcing the creation of a new project. However the Tuleap front page already has a section automatically showing the most recent projects and you may decide not to publish new project announcement.

  • If a project publishes 2 or 3 pieces of news at the same time, then select the most significant one and only publish this one. When the Tuleap visitors click on this particular piece of news they will be redirected to the project pages and they get a chance to read the other news.

Site News Push

Tuleap offers a mass mail engine to the Tuleap Administration Team making it possible to push an announcement to a all or part of your Tuleap population. Be careful that it’s ideal for spamming so use it with caution and only when needed (see below). The mass mail engine allows you to select your target population, type a message and send it with a click of a mouse. Use this mechanism to push site update news like:

  • A new Tuleap document is published: Tuleap newsletter, Tuleap article, new Tuleap User Guide,…

  • New major features available in Tuleap

  • Maintenance operation: hardware or software upgrade and all the events that will prevent the Tuleap server from operating normally must be announced ahead of time

  • Disaster reports: typical examples are network problems due to router flapping or wide area network cut due. Tuleap has nothing to do with this kind of troubles but we must inform the user that they’ll probably experience some difficulties to reach the Tuleap server

Remark: when a mass mail message is sent the Tuleap Administration team may receive many copies of it. This is due to the fact that messages are sent by chunk of 25 addresses and Tuleap administrators receive a copy for each chunk. So the larger the selected population the bigger the number of copies. The reason for these multiple copies is because messages are “apparently” sent to to stress the fact that recipient should not reply to this message. If the noreply email address is an alias to admin then multiple copies will be received by Tuleap administrators. The noreply address may also be aliased to /dev/null to avoid this problem (see /etc/aliases).