Project export and import

Various tools are used to export and import a project structure. Those tools can be use to export and import inside the same Tuleap instance or between two different Tuleap instances.


Known issues / limitation

Before going into details, here is the list of the known issues and limitation of the export and import scripts:

  1. The export and import scripts have to be run as codendiadm. If they are run by root, you can experience some permissions denied while copying an imported artifact with attachments.

  2. Copied artifacts have their first changeset not well exported in XML.

  3. Permissions on artifact can have a different value during the export in a specific case. If the field is checked to restrict access to all_users, we assume that the field has no value set. The access to the artifact is not changed, only the field value.

  4. The cross-references in followup comments are modified by adding a space between # and the number in order to not leak data in the import in another Tuleap instance.