Projects settings


Categorizing projects allows users to better find a particular project (see Categories).

In site admin » project settings » categories you can define which categories the administrators can use for their projects. For each category you can define its description, decide if it is mandatory, choose the maximum number of allowed values or choose if it is used as project flag.

Screenshot of category edition

Screenshot of category edition

Project flags

In a context of classified information, in order to allow people to know about the level a project is, this information is displayed in every pages of the project.

Let’s consider that project confidentiality is picked-up in one list

  • Secret

  • Confidential

  • Restricted

  • Official

  • Unclassified

And another category is used to provide another level of classification

  • Personal

  • Special

  • Industry

You can get any combination of the 2 lists:

  • Secret - Personal

  • Secret - Industry

The information is then displayed on the right hand side of the project name in the navbar with a tooltip with full information on hover.

Example of project flags

Example of project flags


Please note the following constraints for project flags:

  • Up to two categories can be used as project flag

  • Chosen categories cannot have a maximum number of allowed values bigger than 1.