Bot Mattermost plugins

Installation users

In your Tuleap, you can find the package name using:

yum search tuleap-plugin-botmattermost

and to install the plugin you want.

They are three plugins available in Tuleap RPM: tuleap-plugin-botmattermost tuleap-plugin-botmattermost-agiledashboard tuleap-plugin-botmattermost-git. The botmattermost plugin is mandatory to use the others.

You can install botmattermost-git for Tuleap Git notification plugin and stand-up summary in Backlog plugin.



After enabling it, this plugin can be reached in Admin > PLUGINS > Bot Mattermost. Click on Add Bot to create a new bot which can be used later by others Slack & Mattermost like BotMattermost-Git or BotMattermost-AgileDashboard.


You need a Webhook URL from Mattermost to create a new Bot. You can visit the Mattermost documentation concerning Incoming Webhook to help you.

Bot creation Fill bot form

Now you can pass to the configuration of others Slack & Mattermost to make your first Mattermost integration.