To install Tuleap you will need a fully dedicated server. It can be virtualized or physical. It is not recommended to install Tuleap on a server that hosts other applications. Tuleap provides a full suite of software and is deeply integrated with its host system. Installing Tuleap on a server shared with other applications will certainly cause problems in both Tuleap and your other applications.

Tuleap can be installed on the following Linux x86_64 systems:
  • Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL, Rocky, Alma Linux 9).

You must disable SELinux prior to the install.

The server will need an Internet connection as it will download external packages.


Database must be MySQL v8.0.

The database must be dedicated to Tuleap. Either it’s a local installation (as described below, perfect for small & medium instances) or provided by an external service.

If you are going to use a local installation of MySQL, do not anticipate its setup. You will be guided in the next steps.

Shared databases must not be used:

  • they cannot guarantee the needed Quality of service

  • they cannot respect the requirements (SQL modes) described below

  • they make consistent backups almost impossible