Plugins installation

Tuleap comes with a lot of plugins, they bring new features and can be easily installed and configured.

Installing new plugins

Installation is done in 2 steps

  • First, you need to install the corresponding RPM package

  • Then you need to install and activate from the site admin interface

When you want to install a new plugin, run (where tuleap-plugin-awesomestuff is the name of the package of the plugin you want to install):

# Deploy RPM package
dnf install tuleap-plugin-awesomestuff

# Install and activate the plugin for all projects and users
sudo -u codendiadm tuleap plugin:install awesomestuff

# Update configurations
tuleap-cfg site-deploy
systemctl reload nginx
systemctl restart tuleap

Once the plugin is installed, go to Tuleap site admin home page and enter the plugin administration page. You can now install and activate the new plugin from ‘Not yet installed’ tab.

List of all plugins

Project management:

File deliveries and documentation:

  • document: Document management

  • frs: Enhance File Release System with better release view and REST API

  • mediawiki_standalone: Integration of “Wikipedia” wiki technology

  • webdav: Access FRS and Documentation like a file system with WebDAV protocol

Source control and continuous integration:

  • svn: Subversion integration (Core SVN is deprecated)

  • git: Git integration

  • gitlfs: Add support of Git Large File Storage (LFS) to the Git integration

  • pullrequest: Create pull requests on top of Git

  • hudson: Jenkins integration

  • hudson_git: Jenkins integration for git

  • hudson_svn: Jenkins integration for svn

Full-text search:

Authentication and permissions:

  • ldap: Integration with OpenLDAP like or Active Directory

  • openidconnectclient: Delegate authentication to an OpenId Connect compatible server

  • captcha: Add a captcha to login page to avoid bots

  • dynamic credentials: Provide a way to generate short-lived credentials

  • project_ownership: Add additional information to a project such as the notion of project ownership

  • oauth2-server: Delegate authorizations via OAuth 2.0 and authenticate Tuleap users on third-party apps via OpenID Connect



  • bugzilla_reference: Integration with bugzilla, allow to reference bugzilla bugs (and vice-versa)

  • embed: Provide a preview of Figma and Blackfire profiles inside the artifact view

  • gitlab: Reference your GitLab commits in Tuleap artifacts and conversely

  • botmattermost: Integration with mattermost and slack

  • botmattermost-agiledashboard: Mattermost bot for Backlog

  • botmattermost-git: Mattermost bot for git

  • onlyoffice: Integrate ONLYOFFICE in the document management plugin so you can view your office documents

  • jira-import: Import entire Jira project


You might see some other plugins not listed here. It’s on purpose, those plugins are no longer actively maintained so we don’t encourage people to use them.

Deprecated plugins

Those plugins should not be installed and only kept for legacy reasons. They will be removed:

  • tracker_encryption

  • mediawiki