Search area

Tuleap allows you to search almost any piece of Tuleap information through a keyword search mechanism. When you are on the Tuleap Home Page you can search for keywords in the following resources:

  • Software Projects: a match is attempted with project names as well as their short and long description. This search mechanism is very complementary with the Software Map. Notice that a private project will never appear as a search result.

  • People: keywords will be searched in the Tuleap user database and matched against the user’s login name, real name and e-mail address.

  • Wiki: Wiki is a collaborative authoring tool (see Wiki). You can perform a full text search by keywords in wikis.

  • This tracker: If you enter any tracker in any Tuleap project, the “This Tracker” item will show up in the search box, allowing you to actually search this tracker database.

Which browser should I use to browse Tuleap?

Tuleap is compatible with the following browsers, in their latest version:

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Chrome