Search area

Tuleap allows you to search almost any piece of Tuleap information through a keyword search mechanism. When you are on the Tuleap Home Page you can search for keywords in the following resources:

  • Software Projects: a match is attempted with project names as well as their short and long description. This search mechanism is very complementary with the Software Map. Notice that a private project will never appear as a search result.

  • People: keywords will be searched in the Tuleap user database and matched against the user’s login name, real name and e-mail address.

  • Wiki: Wiki is a collaborative authoring tool (see Wiki). You can perform a full text search by keywords in wikis.

  • This tracker: If you enter any tracker in any Tuleap project, the “This Tracker” item will show up in the search box, allowing you to actually search this tracker database.

Which browser should I use to browse Tuleap?

Tuleap is compatible with the following browsers, in their latest version:

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

Tuleap doesn’t work at all with:

  • Internet Explorer, any version

  • Edge Legacy, any version

  • Firefox < 68

  • Chrome < 70

Best effort: between Firefox 68 / Chrome 70 and their latest version Tuleap might work (ie. most pages should show-up) but:

  • YOU SHOULD NOT DO THAT, your browser is vulnerable to a lot of public security issues and you are putting your whole infrastructure at risk.

  • There are no tests made at all.

  • If something doesn’t work, first thing should be to reload the page with developer console (F12) and look for errors.

  • If an error occurs you might report it but there are no guarantee the development team can do anything. What will be done (if something is done) will be what costs the least to maintain for Tuleap developers.


Tuleap 12.13 (Due ~ mid September 2021) the minimum “Best effort” version of browsers will be Firefox 78 ESR and Chrome 87.

People using browsers older than those version by this time will no longer be able to load any page in Tuleap.