Tuleap 7.x

Tuleap 7.11


Logrotate might be configured to use “dateext” instead of .X. This might create garbage in logs and can be an issue when attempting to copy logs from /var/log/httpd/blalba.1 to /var/log/tuleap/YYYY/MM/blalba_YYYYMMDD.log. We prevent now this behavior by adding “nodateext” option to /etc/logrotate.d/httpd.

See /usr/share/tuleap/src/etc/logrotate.httpd.conf for reference.

Tuleap 7.11


We have enabled Tuleap to deal with incoming CVS commits from Windows machines. You can now toggle between allowing Windows encoding of the commit messages and utf-8 encoding. To set this up (CentOS 6):


  • Add $sys_cvs_convert_cp1252_to_utf8 = 1; at the end of the file.

# Note: for CentOS 5, you need to manually source and install the package 'perl-Text-Iconv'
$> yum install perl-Text-Iconv
$> cp /usr/share/tuleap/src/utils/cvs1/log_accum /usr/lib/tuleap/bin/log_accum

Tuleap 7.10


  • We drop the embedded version of gitphp in favor of the packaged one. This is reflected by the $gitphp_path in /etc/tuleap/plugins/git/etc/config.inc

  • New installations have git HTTP access activated.

  • Existing installations without HTTP access can enable it by setting $git_http_url = "https://%server_name%/plugins/git"; in /etc/tuleap/plugins/git/etc/config.inc

  • Existing installations with HTTP access should keep existing HTTP access as default (without anonymous access) but can communicate to their users about the new URL https://%server_name%/plugins/git/%repo_path% for test.

  • gitolite3 path in sudoers.d/gitolite3-http file has been changed: codendiadm ALL= (gitolite) SETENV: NOPASSWD: /usr/share/gitolite3/gitolite-shell


  • Default search for daily syncho is now the whole LDAP subtree.

    • If $sys_ldap_daily_sync was enabled (= 1), you should monitor duration of ROOT_DAILY system event (each night at 00:10)

      • If duration is the same after upgrade, everything is fine

      • If duration is really longer (20-30% longer). You can switch back to previous mode with $search_depth = 'onelevel'; in ldap configuration /etc/tuleap/plugins/ldap/etc/ldap.inc

    • If $sys_ldap_daily_sync was disabled ( = 0), you should be able to enable it

      • Do it first on a QA server

      • You should expect some people to be suspended on first run

      • If most users get suspended, there is something wrong and you should keep the synchro disabled and report the issue


The default backup path for deleted projects is /var/tmp. See $sys_project_backup_path in /etc/tuleap/conf/local.inc.

Tuleap 7.7


Starting this release, the tuleap system logs are handled by logrotate. The default configuration is to rotate on weekly basis and to keep 4 weeks of logs.


  • $sys_create_project_in_one_step is no longer needed as legacy project creation is gone.

  • New option $sys_strip_outlook = 0; allow to test removal of outlook quote in tracker email reply (experimental)

  • New option $sys_default_mail_domain = ""; Define the email domain for email gateway feature (By default, email domain = default Tuleap domain )


You can configure git and http urls in git/etc/config.inc:

// Urls
// By default, only ssh is available for use and you can setup HTTP(s) access
// to your server.
// For convenience, you can either hardcode the URLs or you can use %server_name%
// variable that will be replace automatically by the value of $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']
// this is typical the URL the user see in location bar of the browser
// Tell to Tuleap that an HTTPS server for git is available at the given
// address
// $git_http_url = "https://%server_name%/git";

// Define a custom ssh URL to get access to the sources
// You can disable display of this url by activating this variable and setting
// to '' (empty string)
// $git_ssh_url = 'ssh://gitolite@%server_name%:2222';

The $grokmanifest_path is no longer needed on server (you can remove grokmirror too).

Tuleap 7.6

Old Docman migration

This release comes with a tool to assist admin of very old Tuleap to migrate from docman v1 to docman v2 (plugin). This might be relevant to you if you installed Tuleap before 2009. Check Administration guide


Another change in this release is a dependency on a recent version of git. We know for sure that there are issues with git <=

If in doubt, then you should upgrade to the latest version.

$> yum update git

Tuleap 7.5

Tuleap 7.4

Mediawiki extra plugins compatibility mode

Tuleap 7.4 comes with a maturity about the limits of integrating Medaiwiki and its numerous plugins such as “wiki editor” into Tuleap. In order to avoid impossible javascript and css conflicts there is now a compatibility that can be enabled if needed. It needs to be enabled at a forge level before it can be enabled at a project level and this is how:

New option in /etc/<tuleap|codendi>/plugins/mediawiki/etc/mediawiki.inc
$enable_compatibility_view = true;

This option can then be toggled by site administrators in the “plugins administration” area.

Activating the compatibility view for a project is then done in the “Administration” section of a given mediawiki in the UI.

Tuleap 7.3

CentOs packages dependency

For Tuleap 7.3, we updated our mediawiki package by adding new modules. For a new extension, we create a dependency with a packahe named htmldoc

This package is only available in EPEL repositories. So, in order to be able to update your Tuleap, you have to activate EPEL on your server.

FlamingParrot Variants

Tuleap 7.3 introduce new FlamingParrot theme variants. To be more concrete, new colors are available for our new theme.

You are able to choose which variants you want to enable on your Tuleap by adding a new enrty in the local.inc file (by default, all variants are activated):

// List of available theme variant in forge
// Available variants:
// * FlamingParrot_Orange
// * FlamingParrot_Blue
// * FlamingParrot_Green
// * FlamingParrot_BlueGrey
// * FlamingParrot_Purple
// * FlamingParrot_Red
// * FlamingParrot_DarkOrange
// * FlamingParrot_DarkBlue
// * FlamingParrot_DarkGreen
// * FlamingParrot_DarkBlueGrey
// * FlamingParrot_DarkPurple
// * FlamingParrot_DarkRed
$sys_available_theme_variants = 'FlamingParrot_Orange,FlamingParrot_Blue,FlamingParrot_Green,FlamingParrot_BlueGrey,FlamingParrot_Purple,FlamingParrot_Red,FlamingParrot_DarkOrange,FlamingParrot_DarkBlue,FlamingParrot_DarkGreen,FlamingParrot_DarkBlueGrey,FlamingParrot_DarkPurple,FlamingParrot_DarkRed';

In addition, you can choose your default color for the whole platforme by adding a variable in your local.inc file:

// Default theme variant in forge
$sys_default_theme_variant = 'FlamingParrot_Orange';

Tuleap 7.2


New option in local.inc

// Allow users to reply by mail to artifact notifications
// As of today only adding a follow-up comment is supported
$sys_enable_reply_by_mail = 0;

See plugins/tracker/README.emailgateway.mkd for details about sudoers deployment.


New option in local.inc

// Allow (or not) users to do a SVN commit without any commit message
// Set to 0 to force commit message to not be empty
$sys_allow_empty_svn_commit_message = 1;