Tuleap 8.x

Tuleap 8.19

New integration of ViewVC for SVN single and multi repositories and CVS

We now use the package viewvc from the EPEL repository instead of the package viewvc-tuleap to CVS and SVN repositories. The switch between the two packages is not automatic for now but we encourage you to do it to benefit of a nicer integration of ViewVC into Tuleap.

To do that, you must swap the packages once you have updated Tuleap:

#> yum shell -y <<EOF
remove viewvc-tuleap
install viewvc

Please note that EPEL repositories must be enabled before doing this yum transaction.

Once you have swapped the packages, you should if do have a line saying Include conf.d/viewvc.conf in your Apache configuration (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf). If that’s the case, please remove it and reload Apache.

Removal of the sys_strip_outlook option

The option sys_strip_outlook has been removed and the behavior this option activated is now enabled by default.

Since this option is not used anymore, you can remove it from your configuration file (local.inc).

SVN specific access logfile is always empty on recent installation

Tuleap instances installed between Tuleap and now are impacted by a bug leaving the SVN specific access logfile always empty (/var/log/httpd/svn_log).

The issue impacts the generation of usage statistics for SVN.

The bug has been fixed for new installations but requires a manual modification for impacted instances. In the configuration file /etc/httpd/conf.d/tuleap-vhost.conf, you should look for 2 sections like:

LogFormat "%v %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" commonvhost
CustomLog logs/access_log commonvhost

#Uncomment the two following lines in order to display the username newt to the access url
#LogFormat "%h %l %{username}n %t \"%r\" %>s %b" common_with_tuleap_unix_username
#CustomLog logs/access_log_with_username common_with_tuleap_unix_username

And then replace these 2 sections by:

LogFormat "%v %h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" commonvhost
CustomLog logs/access_log commonvhost
CustomLog logs/svn_log "%h %l %u %t %U %>s \"%{SVN-ACTION}e\"" env=SVN-ACTION

Tuleap 8.17

Dependency to PHP Guzzle

Tuleap starts using Guzzle package from the EPEL repository (php-guzzle-Guzzle) instead of the package provided until now by the Tuleap repository (php-guzzle). You should check if this package is not ignored by your yum configuration.

Tuleap 8.15

A new option for setup.sh

Now setup.sh is checking if your domain name is valid. And for your automation or if you are sure, you can still bypass the check with option:

#> setup.sh --disable-domain-name-check

Tuleap 8.14

Changes in git plugin configuration

For Urls, Git plugin uses local.inc sys_default_domain instead of apache SERVER_NAME.

Changes in SVN multirepositories plugin

The public URL for repositories changes. All users will have to update their checkout/checkin links.

Tuleap 8.13

New dependency required for Tuleap

Tuleap now requires the package php-paragonie-random-compat to work. If you have followed the installation guide, the package will be installed automatically from the EPEL repository if you use CentOS 6 or from the Tuleap repository if you use CentOS 5.

If you have not followed the installation guide and the dependency can not be found you must install it by hand.

Tuleap 8.12

Planning v1 removal

Agile Dashboard Planning v1 (deprecated since 2 releases) is not anymore available. You can safely remove the following variable from your /etc/tuleap/conf/local.inc file:

// Display deprecated planning V1
$sys_showdeprecatedplanningv1 = 0;

Tuleap 8.11

Legacy themes removal

Few themes are removed:

  • CodexSTN (tuleap-theme-codexstn)

  • Dawn (tuleap-theme-dawn)

  • savannah (tuleap-theme-savannah)

  • Steerforge (tuleap-theme-steerforge)

  • STTab (tuleap-theme-sttab)

They are automatically replaced by FlammingParrot, if you don’t have it installed yet it should be automatically fetched as a dependency. However, if it’s not, you should install it by hand:

#> yum install tuleap-theme-flamingparrot

For end users that where using the old theme, they are automatically switch to the default theme defined in local.inc. If the default theme was one of them, it’s flaming parrot that is used in last resort.

Legacy packages removed

OpenId (tuleap-plugin-openid) is gone. You can try OpenID connect instead (require manual setup as of 8.11).

Tuleap 8.10

Subversion packaging issue

Due to a packaging issue we strongly suggest you install or force the reinstall of the following packages: tuleap-core-subversion and tuleap-core-subversion-modperl.

Meaning that if these packages are not installed you can install them with:

#> yum install tuleap-core-subversion tuleap-core-subversion-modperl

If the packages are already installed, you can reinstall them with:

#> yum reinstall tuleap-core-subversion tuleap-core-subversion-modperl

Use tokens to authenticate a SVN user

It is now possible to use a token instead of a password to authenticate users for SVN operations. In order to make that possible, it is necessary to grant more rights to the database user used to authenticate a user. You must run the following commands on your database with a privileged user:

GRANT SELECT,UPDATE ON svn_token TO dbauthuser;

If you use the LDAP plugin, you also need to grant this privilege:

GRANT SELECT ON plugin_ldap_user TO dbauthuser;

Git evolution on CentOS 5 due to a system bug

To find a workaround a system bug, we have been forced to introduce a change. To kept the Git plugin fully functional, you must edit your sudoers file to match the following informations:

Defaults:gitolite !requiretty
Defaults:gitolite !env_reset
gitolite ALL= (codendiadm) SETENV: NOPASSWD: /usr/share/codendi/src/utils/php-launcher.sh /usr/share/codendi/plugins/git/hooks/post-receive.php*

Git evolution on CentOS 5 to import/export project archive

Now that it is possible to import a git repository alongside a project archive, you must edit your sudoers file to match the following informations:

Defaults:codendiadm !requiretty
Defaults:codendiadm !env_reset

# Gitolite restore tar repository
Cmnd_Alias RESTORE_TAR_REPO_CMD = %libbin_dir%/restore-tar-repository.php

# Gitolite clone bundle
Cmnd_Alias BUNDLE_CMD = /usr/share/tuleap/plugins/git/bin/gl-clone-bundle.sh


Tuleap 8.8

Create artifact by mail

A new feature adding the possibility of creating an artifact by email has been added. check Activate reply to artifacts by email in Administration guide.

Tuleap 8.7

Git evolution on CentOS 5

With the introduction of the truncated notifications in the Git plugin, we have been forced to do some changes. To kept the Git plugin fully functional, you must add the following informations at the end of your sudoers file which is generally located at /etc/sudoers:

Defaults:gitolite !requiretty
Defaults:gitolite !env_reset
gitolite ALL= (codendiadm) SETENV: NOPASSWD: /usr/share/codendi/plugins/git/hooks/post-receive.php

Note that only Tuleap instances running on CentOS 5 are concerned.

Tuleap 8.5

User management via Active Directory

A new template has been added to help configure Tuleap with Active Directory. You can find it in the sources plugins/ldap/etc/ActiveDirectory.inc.dist

If you have an existing ldap set-up and wish to be compatible with Active Directory then you will need to update the file /etc/tuleap/plugins/ldap/etc/ldap.inc with these extra properties

// The type of the ldap server
$sys_ldap_server_type = 'ActiveDirectory';

// The identifier of a user group
$sys_ldap_grp_uid = 'sAMAccountName';

Tuleap 8.4

API Explorer update

We have updated the API Explorer. The package restler-api-explorer must be considered deprecated. To update to the new Explorer install the package tuleap-api-explorer and remove or at least comment the old Apache configuration. You probably have copied this configuration at /etc/httpd/conf.d/tuleap-plugins/tuleap-api-explorer.conf. After the removal, you need to restart Apache.

Drop support of insecure SSL/TLS configurations

With this release we have updated the default TLS Apache configuration we provide with Tuleap. All new instances of Tuleap will use this one but if you already have an installation, your configuration will be left untouched. However, we encourage you to update your configuration for security reasons. As a side effect, this change also prevents Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP to be able to connect to the HTTPS server.

If you want to update your configuration, replace the line SSLProtocol and SSLCipherSuite /etc/httpd/conf/ssl.conf by:

# SSL Protocol support:
# List the enable protocol levels with which clients will be able to
# connect.  Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 access by default:
SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3

#   SSL Cipher Suite:
# List the ciphers that the client is permitted to negotiate.
# See the mod_ssl documentation for a complete list.
SSLHonorCipherOrder on

Tuleap 8.3

Password storage

We have added a new and more secure way to store passwords in Tuleap. This feature is activated default on new intalls but the legacy way is kept on the already running instances for compatibility purposes. We greatly advise to use this new functionality if you can.

To activate the new password storage on a already existing instance you must add the following line in your local.inc:

$sys_keep_md5_hashed_password = 0;

Execute this script if you have the Proftpd plugin installed:

#> /usr/share/tuleap/plugins/proftpd/bin/switch_to_unix_password.php

Tuleap 8.1



A new parameter in local.inc allow users to query api in HTTP without SSL. By default HTTPS is enforced.

// Can query REST API without using HTTPS
// /!\ This is unsafe unless you have something else (reverse-proxy)
//      providing the SSL Layer between you and the server /!\
$sys_rest_api_over_http = 0;