Tuleap 13.x

Tuleap 13.1


Tuleap 13.1 is currently under development.

Minimal browser support raised to Firefox 78 ESR and Chrome 87

The best effort support is now Firefox 78 ESR and Chrome 87. Versions older than that do not work at all anymore to browse Tuleap.

The recommendation is still to use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Tuleap can no longer be accessed with http without TLS (HTTPS only)

Tuleap always expects to be accessed over HTTPS, for this reason having a dedicated setting sys_https_host is no more necessary.

You should make sure the setting sys_default_domain in your /etc/tuleap/conf/local.inc file is set to the qualified domain name you use to access the instance.

The setting sys_https_host can be removed from your /etc/tuleap/conf/local.inc file as it is no more used.

Tuleap 13.0

Nothing to mention.