Tuleap Enterprise

Tuleap Enterprise is a special distribution of Tuleap crafted by Enalean for enhanced reliability.

Some features are only distributed to Tuleap Enterprise subscribers:

Project management

  • Baseline: Create baseline for releases and compare them

  • DocGen: Generation of document (docx) from Tracker reports

  • Label widget: Group and display labels on Project Dashboard (useful to track pull requests)

  • Cross tracker search: Aggregate data across trackers, even in across projects

  • Project Milestones: Widget to display scrum Agile Dashboard of a project on user or project dashboard.

  • Program management: Manage multi project backlog and team synchronisation.

  • Roadmap: Widget to display the roadmap on the project dashboard.

  • Taskboard: Visually keep track of things that need to get done in a task board, used in Agile Dashboard.

  • Test Management: Test campaigns and traceability (aka TTM).

  • Timetracking: Provide an easy way to track your time

  • Velocity: Display velocity chart in the Agile Dashboard

Authentication and permissions

  • Dynamic credentials: Provide a way to generate short-lived credentials

  • OAuth2 and OpenIDConnect Provider: Delegate authorizations via OAuth 2.0 and authenticate Tuleap users on third-party apps via OpenID Connect

  • Project Ownership: Add additional information to a project such as the notion of project ownership



More information on Tuleap.org website.