Project Milestones


This module is part of Tuleap Enterprise. It might not be available on your installation of Tuleap.

The widget Project Milestones aims at displaying the main information of a Scrum Backlog on a personal or project dashboard.

Project Milestones features:

  • Multiple widgets to synthesize several Backlog of projects on same dashboard

  • Integration with TestManagement


The displayed project in Project Milestones must have the Backlog service activated and configured (see Backlog).

Project Milestones can be displayed on any personal dashboard or project dashboard.

Add the widget

Project Milestones add widget

To add Project Milestones in a dashboard, you need to select Project Milestones in section Backlog.

Then, enter the label of the project to display, select the project from the dropdown, and click on Add widget.

Integration with TestManagement

To configure and use TestManagement, see TestManagement.

You don’t need to do anything else.


Project Milestones full

The widget is composed of 4 main parts: Roadmap, What's hot, Recently closed and Past.


In Roadmap section, there is a link to go to top backlog of the displayed project.

This link displays the number of artifacts in the backlog and the upcoming releases’ number.

What’s hot

Project Milestones current release

This section displays all releases that are in progress. You can open or close a release by clicking on its label.

At the top, you can find:

  • Release’s label.

  • Dates.

  • Number days to go (with a percent on the hover).

  • Remaining effort (with a percent on the hover).

All opened sprints are displayed with links to Overview, Taskboard/Cardwall. Furthermore, there is the number of closed releases.

If Burndown and Burnup are configured, there are displayed.

Finally, at the bottom there are links to go to Overview, Sprint Planning, Taskboard/Cardwall of the release.

Integration with TestManagement

If TestManagement is configured, there are more additional information:

  • A pie chart to display the number of each tests classified by status.

  • A link to go to test campaigns of each sprints.

  • At the bottom of the release, a link to go to test campaigns of the release.

Recently closed

The last closed release is displayed. When you open this release, you have access of same information like in What's hot. But, the header is different and you have the initial effort (instead of remaining effort).

Integration with TestManagement

In the header, you have the number of tests in the test campaigns of the closed release.


There is a link to go to past releases. This link displays the number of past releases.

Multiples Widgets

You can add as many widgets as you want on the same dashboard. Thus you can display different projects.