Email Notification Settings

The Tracker comes with a predefined set of rules to keep relevant people aware of the artifact life. The default rules can however be complemented or tuned in a number of ways:

Global Email Notification

In addition to the default notification rules, the tracker administrators have the ability to specify a list of email addresses to which submissions of new artifacts (and optionally artifact updates) will be systematically sent. To add an email address, click the “add” link. You can add as many email addresses as required.

You can choose to disable the permission check for global email notification. This can be useful if the email address is a mailing list, because individual permissions can’t be checked for each member of the mailing list. So for mailing lists, if the check box “check permissions” is checked, the notifications will be send to each member with the permissions of an anonymous user.

This feature is typically used to send submissions of new artifacts to a number of well identified persons in the team who are in charge of qualifying and dispatching the artifacts.

Email subject customisation

It is possible to enable a marker “[Assigned to me]” in the subject of email notifications to easily identify emails concerning artifact assigned to you. This rely on Contributor/assignee semantic of the tracker.

In addition to the subject of the email, all the assignees are listed in the mail body with =ASSIGNED_TO=<username>. These markers are not visible but could be used to create filters in your email client.