Rocket chat

Rocket.Chat is an open source chat/messaging solution you can self host. It’s an alternative to Slack, Mattermost, Teams, etc.

Authenticate with OAuth / OpenID Connect

  1. In Administration, look for OAuth in the search entry in the side bar.

  2. On top right, click on Add custom oauth and type Tuleap

  3. In newly created Tuleap provider:

    1. Generate a new OAuth2 app in your project without `Force usage of PKCE to authenticate` and set as redirect endpoint the callback URL given by rocket chat (in the form https://.../_oauth/tuleap)

    2. URL: (Replace by your Tuleap server)

    3. Token Path: /oauth2/token

    4. Token Sent Via: Header

    5. Identity Token Sent Via: ‘Same as “Token Sent Via”’

    6. Identity Path: /oauth2/userinfo

    7. Authorize Path: /oauth2/authorize

    8. Scope: openid email profile

    9. Param Name for access token: access_token

    10. Id: tlp-client-id-X (Replace by the Client Id generated at step 1)

    11. Secret: tlp-oauth2-Y (Replace by the Client Secret generated at step 1)

    12. Login Style: Redirect

    13. Username field: preferred_username

    14. Email field: email

    15. Name field: name

    16. Avatar field: picture

    17. Activate Show Button on Login Page

    18. Activate Enable (at the top)

    19. Click Save changes


You can use all the integrations that works with Mattermost out of the box.

You need as Rocket.Chat administrator to create a new Incoming WebHook integration and then use the generated URL in Bot definition of Tuleap.