ONLYOFFICE is an office suite you can use in your browser.

Integration with Document Manager

Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF…) stored in the Document Manager can be directly viewed in ONLYOFFICE. The integration is seamless when the ONLYOFFICE integration plugin is active: clicking on an office document in the Document Manager will open ONLYOFFICE and load your document.

Initial setup

To deploy the integration you will need to have access to an ONLYOFFICE document server or deploy one.

In order to activate the integration, as a site administrator once you have installed and actived the plugin, you will need to specify the URL of your document server and the token associated with it in site administration / ONLYOFFICE.

As site administrator, you can:

  • Choose which project can access to the document server. Those who don’t have access won’t have the ONLYOFFICE integration. By default every projects have access.

  • Create more than one document server. In that case you have to explicitly give access to projects to the different servers.


Updating project restrictions while users are editing on document servers may loose their modifications.


As soon as the integration is set up, office documents can be opened in ONLYOFFICE. This includes:

  • Documents: .docx, .doc, .odt, …

  • Spreadsheets: .xlsx, .csv, .ods, …

  • Presentations: .pptx, .odp, …

  • PDF files: .pdf

The integration allow to edit some documents, following all those conditions:

  • The file is a .docx, .docxf, .oform, .ppsx, .pptx, or a .xlsx,

  • No filename pattern si enforced,

  • The user has permission to write the document,

  • The document is not marked as locked in Tuleap,

  • There is no approval table on the document.

Once the user leaves the ONLYOFFICE editor, after a short delay, the changes are sent back to Tuleap and a new version is created.

ONLYOFFICE allows collaborative editing, this means that a document can be opened by multiple users at the same time. In that case the new version is saved after the last user leaves the editor.


The save of the new version might fail for multiple reasons. Due to the way of working of ONLYOFFICE, authors of the changes won’t be notified.

  • Permissions for the user has been changed during the edition,

  • Document has been locked during the edition,

  • Tuleap cannot retrieve changes from ONLYOFFICE server,