WARNING: It is possible that the REST API is not working properly using XML. It has been tested only on those endpoints so far:

  • GET /artifacts/:id

  • POST /artifacts

  • PUT /artifacts/:id

Since Tuleap 7.11, the REST API of Tuleap supports XML as input and ouput. To do so, the first thing to do is to set properly these headers:

  • Content-type: set at application/xml if you wish to send XML

  • Accept: set at application/xml if you wish to receive XML from the REST api

Moreover, there is one main difference between inputs in JSON and inputs in XML as XML is not able to express array the same way JSON does. Therefore, you need to use the <item></item> element inform RESTLER that you are speaking about elements in an array. Here is a quick example of a POST using JSON and XML:


    "tracker": {"id": 16},
    "values": [
            "field_id": 132,
            "value": "Test Release"
            "field_id": 134,
            "bind_value_ids": [126]


            <value>Test Release</value>